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needing help w/dell v305 wireless

I bought this printer about 3-4 months ago. We have 3 wireless laptops hooked up to this printer. All 3 have worked great till about a week ago. Now, only 1 laptop works well on it, but now ,the other 2 will not even say that they have found the printer. I have deleted the softwear 2 times now and reinstalled it on both laptops, unplugged the printer, pulled the power box that attaches to the power cord out, but nothing seems to rehook up those two laptops, the 1 laptop is still working great? Also, when I hook up a USB cord from the not working laptops to the printer, it says that their is not a wireless router installed on this printer...even though the 1 laptop is still wirelessly hooked up to this printer and working just fine??? 


Any help would be great!!!



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Re: needing help w/dell v305 wireless



I would first use these Recommended Wireless Router Settings in my wireless router, I use channel 11.


Then try reinstalling the printer using the instructions located at...


V305 & V305w All-In-One Printer owners thread (W7)


Then let me know what happens.





What is a Dell Service Tag and how do I locate it? 

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