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"Limited Connection"; New Dell Inpiron 1545 w/Intel 5100 wireless-n

I just received my New Dell Inspiron 1545 yesterday (June 27, 2009).  But, I can't get a solid Wifi connection to save my life!  I can connect to lots of different Networks and the signal strength is Strong, but I only have "Limited Connectivity"
My wireless card is an Internal card and I didn't want to purchase a Router. I wanted to be able to Connect to Networks whereever I may be.  I travel for work and the connection is essential to my Business
I've been able to connect since the moment I set up the Laptop. But, the connection is only and ALWAYS "Limited Connectivity".
But, the signal strength is Strong.  What gives?
Dell Tech support has been WORTHLESS in trying to resolve the matter.  None of the Tech's have been able to help, until they want to discuss their Advance Tech Fee.  Then they're confident that they can resolve the matter.
What gives?  Has anyone else experienced "Limited Connectivity" continuously?  If so, how did you fix the problem?
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Re: "Limited Connection"; New Dell Inpiron 1545 w/Intel 5100 wireless-n

My first recommendation is to make sure you are running the latest driver for the card. This is the Latest from the Dell site.

<ADMIN NOTE: Broken link has been removed from this post by Dell>

Also check your security connections. Limited connectivity is commonly an issue with security setting/firewall settings

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Re: "Limited Connection"; New Dell Inpiron 1545 w/Intel 5100 wireless-n

The 1545 is suppose to have a 1397 b/g mini wireless card. If you are upgrading to a N card, either the DW1510 or the DW1515 is a/b/g/n compatible, and the Dell Inspiron 1545. I know for a fact the DW1515 works flawlessly, and both are Dell recommended.