"Unknown computers connected to your network" message! HELP!

Hi.  I have been receiving a pop-up message that an unknown computer is connected to my network for at least a week.  I have checked the "Do Not Trust" option, as well as "Add as an exception" as PC-Cillin advises.  Thus far, nothing seems to work.  I continue to routinely get the pop-up alerting me that this computer is connected to my network.  I can't get any answers from the Trend Micro/PC-Cillin site or anywhere else.  This is the anti-virus software that came with my computer, thus my post here.  Additionally, I am using a router, this is the only computer I use, and I am not connected to any other devices at my home.

Any advise or suggestions would be appreciated!!!!!!

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Mary G

Re: "Unknown computers connected to your network" message! HELP!

Make sure your wireless router is set up with a password--WPA or WPA2 is best. (Your broadband modem is not a router) If you don't use the wireless part of the router and connect directly to it with Ethernet cable, turn off wireless in the router's utility. "Add as an exception" means you are allowing the connection, not excluding it. Also make sure that the computer PC Cillan is warning you about is not your own. Set up your firewall in that software to allow a home network. Look up home network in PC-Cillan's help file. And--if you have only one wired computer, why are even using a router? You can connect directly to your modem and skip the router altogether. You might want to post back with more details--brand of router and modem, operating system, model computer, type of Internet connection etc.


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