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suggestions on cable modems

I have a new Inspiron 570 with cable internet. In the way of cable modems ( I have a gateway router) what is the most reliable and best performer for browsing the internet and watching movies from netflix, etc.?

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Re: suggestions on cable modems

You need to buy a cable modem that is supported by your ISP.

I have Comcast, and they have a list of such modems.

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Re: suggestions on cable modems

Agreed that you should make sure the modem you get is supported by your cable internet company.

We have a Motorola Surfboard 6120, and absolutely love it. We had a different Motorola Surfboard that we replaced, but it also worked fine for us. It did not die, we just wanted to take advantage of the faster DOCSIS 3 speeds.

The cable company will sell you one that works int heir system, but it is generally cheaper to buy yourself and then call the cable company to active it... We got ours on

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