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vista laptop w/xp desktop usb printer problem

My new Inspiron 1545 powered up just fine and found my kodak 5100 usb printer connected to my dell desktop running xp. everything worked for a few days, then the laptop lost the printer for some reason. When I try to add the printer, it tells me "windows cannot connect to the printer".  I can plug my old inspiron 6000 running xp back into the same network connection and it will print just fine. Both Xp and Vista devices are in the same workgroup.

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Re: vista laptop w/xp desktop usb printer problem

problem solved. Even though Dell "chat" tech support refused to help....calling it a kodak printer issue....I have found a solution. On the Microsoft website there was a solution posted to an "access is denied" message from a vista computer trying to print to an XP computer with an attached usb printer. It appears to have solved the problem. What is the downside of setting up the printer to a "local port" when it is really not attached? no idea. But for others that are interested, here is the text of the solution from microsoft:

This error can occur when trying to print from a Windows Vista–based computer to a computer running Windows XP.

First, make sure that the Windows XP computer is properly connected to the home network and set to share printers. For more instructions on printer sharing in Windows XP, go to the Sharing printers topic on the Microsoft website.

If the other computers on your network can "see" the Windows XP computer and its attached printer, can share files with that computer, but still encounter an "Access is Denied" error when trying to print, try the following workaround:


Open Printers by clicking the Start button Picture of the Start button, clicking Control Panel, clicking Hardware and Sound, and then clicking Printers.


Click Add a printer.


In the Add Printer wizard, click Add a local printer.


Click Create a new port. Make sure Local Port is selected in the list, and then click Next.


In the Port Name dialog box, type \\computer name\printer name, and then click OK.


Complete the rest of the wizard, and then click Finish.