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wireless and Ethernet adapter being enabled simultaneously

When I am on business trips, I connect to the Internet on my Dell Latitude E6440 laptop using Wi-Fi.  When I return to my office, I connect to my company's corporate network via Ethernet cable and Ethernet adapter. When I have done this, I have noticed that my wireless adapter is still enabled. This is concerning because the corporate network is a very secure network, while the wi-fi networks near my office are less secure.  Is there a way for the wireless adapter to automatically disable itself when the laptop is connected to an Ethernet network via the Ethernet adapter?  Others in my company would also benefit from having a solution to this issue. Thanks. 

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RE: wireless and Ethernet adapter being enabled simultaneously


Unfortunately I don't think you can set it up to automatically disable the wireless adapters.  Microsoft removed hardware profiles a while ago, I think it was in Windows 7.   Which version of Windows are you running on that system, and which wireless card is installed?   It's possible that the wireless card utility, if it's one of the Intel cards, may have that functionality as a setting you can adjust.

There is a wireless switch on the right side of the E6440 that you can use to simply turn off your WiFi when you're plugging in the ethernet cable.  That might be the easiest way to do it, although it's not manual.

Let me know which Windows version you're running and which wireless card and I'll be happy to look into it a bit further for you.


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