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Re: wireless connects but can't access internet

lfkb20 wrote:
I apologize but can you explain what your following statements mean and how to check if these are the problems???
I know that other computers are able to get on the networks I am trying to get on without a password so it can't be secured.
How do I figure out if it is the wrong SSID?
These would show up in your Configuration Connection Utility
How do I know if there are not enough DHCP addresses?
Only the Network Administartor would know this
How do I know if it is denied access by MAC filtering?  How would I find answers to it?
Only the Network Administartor would know this
I appreciate you helping me find some answers!

Somone at your office is in charge of this.  They should be able to help.
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Re: wireless connects but can't access internet

I have the same problem with my Latitude C 840. I've only been able to connect to two wi-fi nets, but not to my own, or those at the Library, Mac Donalds, or other public places. Everything show O.K. {the displays shows "connected" and "excellent signal", but my explorer displays the "Internet Explorer cannot display the webpage" message every time. I updated the driver Intel 2915ABG Net, but got the message that my driver was already current. I've spent hours on end on the phone with the suppport team of AT&T, I've given them control of my computer via internet, but everyting has failed so far. I know my wireless box is O.K. because I have another laptop that connects to it with no problem. Many people have tried to help me, but they all have failed. I have noticed at the Library that other people have the same problem I have, though most connect readily (my other laptop does connect, too), My printer works fine with this computer through Wi-Fi, and as I said before, the laptop does connect to a few nets but no my own. Please, for the love of God, can somebody help me?

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