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wireless disconnection (request rime out) after updating wireless driver for windows 8

I have a vostro 3560. Recently I upgraded to windows 8. After I updated the wireless driver I figured out that it works fine but after some period of time I can not load a page on the internet. Meanwhile it is still showing that I am connected to the access point. So I started to ping google continuously. It can successfully ping it after randomly after some time it says (request timed out). 

Now in this case when I switched off and on the wireless on the laptop it connects again and works until again after some time it somehow gets disconnected. Or sometimes if I wait for some time it reconnects itself.

Has anybody else found this problem? What do you think the problem is from?

my card is dell wireless 1704 802.11b/g/n (2.4Gh)

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Re: wireless disconnection (request rime out) after updating wireless driver for windows 8

Hi hosami,

There are various possible reasons for intermittent wireless connectivity. Please try the following steps:

1. Ensure that maximum distance between the laptop and router is less than 30 feet. Place the laptop very close to the router and check if that makes any difference

2. Check if you can connect to any other available network. An unsecured connection has a yellow mark besides it. (It does not ask for a network security key). If the wireless works fine with another network, your router settings may have to be changed. Else, try changing the 'wireless card' settings.

3. Maximize the performance of 'Wireless Card' installed in the laptop:
- Right-click the 'Computer'
- Click 'Manage'
- Click 'Device Manager'
- Click the + sign to expand the 'Network Adapters' entry
- Right-click the wireless adapter (Dell wireless) and click 'Properties''
- Click the 'Advanced' tab to configure the advanced settings
- Select Power Management, uncheck Default / Auto, and move the slider to Highest / Maximum Performance.
Note: If the slider is already at Highest / Maximum Performance, move the slider to another setting and then back to Highest / Maximum Performance.
Use these steps to configure Dell wireless card settings:
- Bluetooth Collaboration is set as 'Enabled' by default. Please 'Disable' it.
- Set value of 'Roam Tendency' as 'Aggressive'
- Save the settings and re-check wireless performance.

4. If the issue persists, try re-installing the 'Wireless driver'. Find the steps listed below:
Remove the corrupt wireless drivers
- Access ‘Device Manager’
- ‘User Account Control’ dialog box appears
- Click ‘Continue’
- Device Manager Page opens up
- Locate a category called ‘Network Adapters’
- Expand this category
- Locate the wireless card that is installed in your laptop (It will show up as Dell wireless)
- Right click it and click 'Uninstall'
- Follow through with the uninstall process
- Restart the laptop Install fresh wireless drivers

- Click the following link to download driver for 'Dell Wireless 1704': http://dell.to/U65RDi
- Click 'Get Driver'
- Download and save the file
- Right click the file and click 'Run as an administrator'
- Follow through with the installation process as per the on screen instructions
- Finish the installation and restart the laptop and check for the wireless now

5. If the issue persists, please run hardware diagnostics on the 'wireless card'. You may find the following steps useful:
- Click  http://dell.to/PQAV4Y to access the online Dell diagnostic tools
- Choose a 'Diagnostic Type' as 'Component'
- Select 'Network Card' from the list of system components
- Click 'Run Diagnostics' (Network diagnostics take around 3 minutes)
- Capture the results (If the diagnostics fail, the card will need replacement)

Hope this helps. Do reply if you have nay further questions. I would be glad to assist.

Thanks & Regards,
Saurabh A
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Re: wireless disconnection (request rime out) after updating wireless driver for windows 8

I'd also like to chime in on this, because I have these exact same problems. A clean install of Windows 8 with the Windows 8 drivers provided by Dell is giving me this exact issues.

Oddly enough, running the enterprise evaluation for a month using the drivers previously available from Dell, everything worked fine. There is obviously something either the Windows 8 retail release, or the drivers Dell released.

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Re: wireless disconnection (request rime out) after updating wireless driver for windows 8

I will do all these steps, although its a headache. But listen I think my guess is correct i,e the problem is with the new dri er. Why? Because I DID NOT HAVE THIS PROBLEM ONCE I WAS USING WINDOWS 7 and this issue started exactly when I upgraded to windows 8 and installed new dell driver for windows 8! Nothing else has changed. No change in routed settings or any other thing. Just upgrade and installation of new driver. What do you think?

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Re: wireless disconnection (request rime out) after updating wireless driver for windows 8

I tries all of the instructions, non of them worked but re installing the driver. This solved the problem. But, I have to tell you that the driver you have put the link to download it has some compatibility issues with windows 8 64 bit. Now when you click on SETUP file in the main folder, it says: "This program has compatibility issues   Broadcom Bluetooth software      You can get help on the Microsoft website, if a solution exists follow the instructions to try to fix problem."

I clicked on GET HELP ONLINE. It guided me to a link to BROADCOM website which implies that the website dows not offer any direct solution to the end customers and that you have to refer to the supplier's website (DELL in this case).

Now I found out that in the root folder of the driver installation, there is another folder called: WLAN. There you can find a setup.exe file which you can install and will work.

Why you can not run the first setup in the main folder? Is not it supposed ot be a WINDOWS 8 64 bit driver?