wireless of my inspiron 1420 does not work

The Network Connections section in Control Panel of my Dell Inspiron 1420, only shows a Local Area Connection icon.

The wireless icon does not exist and I can see no way of re-instating it.

I am operating Windows Vista.

Any advice will be gratefully received...

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Re: wireless of my inspiron 1420 does not work

If it's not there, then window's is likely not (correctly) detecting it.  A few possibilities come to mind:


1) You don't actually have a wireless card (you'd be surprised...)

2) The wireless card is seriously broken and no longer detected by your system (unlikely)

3) The drivers for the card are not installed.  This can happen if you reinstalled windows for instance.  Check in device manager and see if there are any unknown devices.  If there are, then install the drivers.  Tell me what kind of card and I can provide a link.

4) The wireless card has become unseated from its connection (happens all the time, especially after a drop).  You should try reseating the card.  If you need help with this (and if it's not a driver problem), just reply and I'll link you to the service manual.

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