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wireless slow on dell Inspiron 15-3521 windows 8

Hi, few days ago I got 76mb fibre optic broadband from BT Infinity 2. When I connect my dell inspiron 15 laptop to the router with the ethernet cable i get close to 76mb per second download speed. However when I connect wirelessly I get around 35-42mb. The router is in my bedroom and my laptop is only a 2 metres away in the same room. I connected my work HP laptop wirelessly and it showed close to 76mb. So therefore it can not be the router, there must be something faulty with my dell laptop.

I found out that the wireless network adapter is Dell wireless 1703.802.11b/g/n (2.4GHz). I updated the adapter but still no success. I contacted my internet provider, they say its nothing to do with them its my dell laptop.

Can someone help please? I would be very grateful. 

Thank you


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RE: wireless slow on dell Inspiron 15-3521 windows 8

Hi Ali,

I bought my Dell Inspiron 15 two days ago and I've been having the same problem. I compared the wifi speed I get on another laptop and the difference is impressive. Videos do load on HD, for example, but not fast enough to prevent them to keep stopping every 30 seconds...

If I knew it was the internet provider I would totally understand, but I tested on two different computers and the wifi was just fine. I feel like I bought an expensive computer that doesn't work as it supposed to.

Please, could someone help me as well, since we seem to have the same problem?

Thank you,


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RE: wireless slow on dell Inspiron 15-3521 windows 8


I have the same problem!

I got my Inspirion 7347 just a week ago and the wifi cant be detekted if I am more than 5 m from the router, and free sight!

I have mailed Dell but I have not got any answer yet. My old Fuijutsi is working OK, even in the first floor.

I am also interested if someone have a solution, I cant really think that the Wifi should be that bad.



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