How to Set Bandwith limit on every port (powerconnect 5324)


Currently I`m using powerconnect 5324 manageable switches. I try to set and configure a bandwith limit for every port on powerconnect 5324 and the problem is I'm not sure how to configure this thing. I hope u guys can help me.


Thank you.

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Re: How to Set Bandwith limit on every port (powerconnect 5324)

The PowerConnect 5324 will not be capable of limiting the bandwidth, per-se.  Instead, the unit will able to allocate a specific amount of bandwidth for a designated queue.  The PowerConnect 5324 will acknowledge Layer 802.1P VLAN tags (CoS) or Layer 3 DSCP values and prioritize the values based on the configuration.

The configuration requires that you determine the method of prioritization (Layer 2 or Layer 3) then enable the global "Trust Mode" of the device, CoS or DSCP.  Once you know the values that will receive priority, you will assign the value into a specific queue.  You must then allocate a specific amount of bandwidth for each of the designated queues.  The 5324 offers two different types of queuing algorithms, Strict Priority (default) or Weighted-Round-Robin (WRR).  Though the parameters are configured globally, prioritization is performed on a per-port basis and performed only when the interface is congested. 

Here is a link to the User's Guide that outlines how to configure the PowerConnect 5324 --

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