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5 Weeks on my order and still waiting...

Seems there are several threads going on here about the length of time it is taking to get order from DELL so here is my story as well. I do not want to repeat previous stories except to say I have been waiting 5 weeks now for a "Promise Pink" laptop for my wife and am now on my first of what I fear is many delays on a 42" Panasonic TV we ordered from DELL as well.

I have battled with the customer service issues (and you are all correct that they don't care), spoken with two people who were supposed to be managers, and even been verbally "promised" twice now by these managers that my order would not be delayed again. As an IT Manager for a medium sized business it is my call as to which IT hardware we use and for the past 12 years it has been DELL products only with a high degree of success with their products and a very low failure rate. During all of this time we have spent many, many thousands of dollars with DELL and I have done the same on a personal level with laptops, a Mini 9, monitors, etc. So simply this. 5 + weeks on a laptop, almost 2 weeks on a TV that doesn't even have to be manufactured by DELL is poor at best.

Beginning with January 2010 when we put in our new hardware refresh for the Windows 7 upgrades (we are still on XP only) I will be recommending we review other products from HP, Gateway, etc. For years I have recommended DELL to both family and friends and I would love to see the amount of money I have pushed into the pipeline through my recommendations alone and now here we sit. It's 2009 DELL and there is no logical reason for it to take this long to build a laptop and to ship a TV. I'm tired of hearing the "supply chain" excuses. If you don't have the product or the parts to build it, then don't sell it. Pretty simple if you ask me. Don't run sales on items you can't even come close to shipping in a reasonable time frame. The most unbelievable part of it all is that my inbox each day keeps getting sales messages from DELL about the great deals they have on all types of various items and the thing they push the hardest is laptops.

I'm disappointed on a professional and personal level with the complete disregard for taking care of your loyal customers and this isn't just about me. It's for all of the many, many others that have posted on here with their many thousands of hard earned dollars wasted and tied up with DELL.

Since I'm stubborn I will wait both of these orders out and my last post here will be to inform everyone and DELL of how long it actually took to get my items.

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WillC88, you are absolutely right. Why do the sale if you don't have enough stocks? My ST2410 monitor will take a whole month to "Produce". Basically we are putting our money out to re-stock their warehouse and it's Interest Free.

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did you ever get your tv or your computer?  you never posted back, like you said you would.

Thanks for the beer... next round is on me!

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Thanks for the reminder. 

I ended up cancelling the order for the laptop after 8 weeks.  My wife now has a new laptop but it wasn't the Dell she wanted.

The TV did finally arrive but took me 3 weeks to get it after the first delay.  The shipping company held it in their warehouse 3 hours away for over a week because they stated "there wasn't enough items coming this way to justify running a truck down here."  Slow to ship the TV and what felt like forever for delivery was just a very poor experience overall.

I have purchased 2 more flat panel TVs from other retailers since then and I had both of them within 1 week of the order and both were larger TVs but were not delivered by the same shipping company Dell uses.

Complaining about Dell isn't what I prefer to do but at this time I still have no plans to order from them in the future.

Sorry Dell but you blew it with me.


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