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Assume this is where I post about website/account issues?

Oh boy.   So this has been a long time coming.

I havent used the dell website in quite some time.   I was due and had a monitor issue so began looking into potential RMA stuff which would obviously have account/login requirements.   I no longer use the email I created the account with and so first plan of action was to update my email address to make it current.

Upon logging into my account, I noticed my username wasnt my usual.  It had extra characters indicating my usual username was taken (not the first time this has happened) with an old account i somehow lost track of.

This led me to make this account, with my current email but once again stuck using a modified username.  

Trying to figure out who I need to contact to get this current account klepp0906x given the correct moniker of klepp0906.   (theres also a klepp090682 out there, also me) that can be gotten rid of or whathaveyou. 

either way i need to know who to contact to start getting this mess untangled/figure the best way forward.


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Re: Assume this is where I post about website/account issues?

I see that Susanna is also working with you via Private Message. Please follow up with her.


The old post data associated with the two old accounts cannot be transferred to the new account. We cannot merge accounts or edit usernames. Why, because all three of your accounts (klepp0906, klepp090682, klepp0906x) are tied to three different Dell My Account purchasing entities. You may log into each Dell "My Account", click Settings, then change the older Dell "My Account" email address to match the newest current email address.