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[BUG] Creating new post as a new user

Dell, your Community lets me to Add a new post. I described carefully my issue, then you asked me to create an account. I did it. You asked me about confirmation. I did it. And my post vanished. Just like that. Now I need to write it down again. This is stupid as <profanity>. Rewrite this stupid platform or buy some other software which works. You can ask people for full registration before they write a post. It's OK to ask for it before. Arrrrr.

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Re: [BUG] Creating new post as a new user


First, once you log into the Forum, you should compose your post in notepad. This way if something happens, you still have the data.

Second, a post can get put on hold if you use profanity in any form. In your case, the opposite of Heaven is profane.

Third, I replied to your post monitor question here.