BitDefender Quarantine Casualty- Trojan.fakeupdater

Totally, 100% brought down by BitDefender and they will do nothing to help.  Because my Inspirion 530 was preloaded software BitDefender tech won't help my restore my OS because I'm not a "premium subscriber".  BitDefender forum overwhelmed with horror stories of the Trojan fake updater.5.   I tried looking for info here to help me restore my Dell to the way it was before this destructive update shut me down completely.  I can not even boot up in any mode.  I'm just your basic point and click user who needs a little help with this situation.  Anybody else out there incapacitated by this fiasco ?

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Re: BitDefender Quarantine Casualty- Trojan.fakeupdater

 Anybody else out there incapacitated by this fiasco ?

Apparently there are quite a few users affected. See this site for POSSIBLE solutions.

Edited to add: Have a look at these instructions from BitDefender.

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Re: BitDefender Quarantine Casualty- Trojan.fakeupdater

Any time viruses are involved you will need to see a technician.

They can properly back up your essential data then reformat the drive to reprogram it as if it were a new system.

It is time consuming & expensive as most pc tech shops charge $40 bucks per hour.

I anticipate it is about a 6 hour job if you have the original disks that came with it.

Add 2 hours if not.

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Re: BitDefender Quarantine Casualty- Trojan.fakeupdater

Trojan.fakeupdater.5 is not a virus but a security update gone bad by bitdefender.  The update quarantined every single file in the OS rendering it unbootable.  I took care of it myself in about 30 min. using System Restore and then going in and running the patch by BitDefender.  Everything saved but what a hassle.  Thank you for your input though, much appreciated.

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