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Black Screen on Boot sequence

Dell 530, Win Vista:   When I turn on computer I get Dell Blue Screen, then the next one is black with the following msg at the bottom"Diskette drive O seek failure  Press F1 to continue   F2 to setup"   I have checked boot sequence. It shows my C drive as O. When I Click F1 on the black screen it goes to and loads Windows.  I just want to get rid of the problem of having to click F1 every time to load windows. Thanks

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Re: Black Screen on Boot sequence


It sounds as if the system thinks your hard drive is going bad.

I would backup all your data to a drive off the system. Then run the Dell diagnostics full set of tests to see if it finds a problem. look here for more information. To just rid your self of the message clear the CMOS settings as shown here, or just remove the motherboard battery for 15 mins before replacing it. All your BIOS settings will revert to default values, so you may want to write down what they are before you start.

But, don't forget to save everything that you need off the system in case it's really your hard drive failing.

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