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Blue screen when installing Windows XP

A few days ago my computer started getting a blue screen and shutting off, at first it took about 20-30 minutes of computer usage for it to get the blue screen, but now sometimes the desktop won't even load before it gets the blue screen. I figured i would do a system restore to fix the problem. I hit Ctrl+F11 and did a system restore. When it was done and the computer was rebooting again, after the "windows" loading page was done the computer turned black so i restarted it and yet again I still have the blue screen pop up. I decided that I would reinstall windows xp with the cd, so i put it in and booted from cd. After the step "setup is loading files" and the "setup is starting windows"  starts, the computer turns into the blue screen again and besides instructions on what to do here is what it came up with:

STOP 0x00000050 (0xEB1F2AA8, 0x00000001, 0xF760B3CF, 0x00000000)

adpu 160m.sys - Address F760B3CF base at F75F7000, datestamp 3b14bade


Please help! It's driving me insane

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Hi Kirogordito


You don’t mention computer model?


Anyhow, sounds like a PAGE_ FAULT_IN NONPAGED_AREA type BSOD error?


Usually caused by RAM (memory) problems either physical RAM issues or a problem application loading in memory on Windows startup


Booting to Safe mode is normally used to identify if it’s a problem application loading on startup

Or switching power off to clear memory hang (also need to remove main battery if a laptop) then power computer back on


In your case it sounds like a physical RAM (i.e. a hardware) issue?

Try removing RAM sticks & reseating them, suggest you also run Dell diagnostics (extended test)

Also read MS KB 171003


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Yes sorry, my computer model is a Dell Dimension E510. I cannot go into safe mode because either 1. The blue screen shows up, or 2. While it's loading the system files (I think they're called?) It always stops in the middle of it and safe mode never boots up. I have removed the RAM sticks, put them back in place, and are currently running a Dell Diagnostics.

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I finished running the Dell Diagnostics and this is the only problem it showed during the diagnostic.

Error Code: 652F:0B1C    Msg. Memory Data Bus Stress Test Failure.



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As you have already removed and reinstalled all the memory modules and the system still does not boot, try the following:

Remove all the memory modules, then install only one module in slot 1, then see if the system boots and if the computer starts normally, reinstall an additional module.

Does not boot, move the module to slot 2 and again see if the system boots, no boot, try the module in slot 3, no boot, try installing in slot 4.

Still does not boot, then remove the first module and using the second one, repeat the sequence described above.

Still no boot, try installing any remaining modules, one at a time, using the above procedure.

Continue until you have identified a faulty module [or slot] or reinstalled all modules without error.

Then if the computer still does not start, it's possible that the motherboard has failed and needs to be replaced.



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OKay, so i took out both RAM memory sticks, and with one i first put it in the first slot and turned it on, got the "windows did not shut down correctly" and gave me the option to start in safe mode, w/ networking and w/ command prompt as well as normally. Whichever one I pressed, the system self rebooted, and brung me back to the same page. I moved the stick to the 2nd 3rd and 4th slots and I got same results. I tried the other RAM stick on the first slot, and the system actually loaded and brung me to the new user setup (keep in mind i did a system restore but the blue screen persisted). I turned it off, inserted the second memory stick into the second slot and system told me the memory had changed, I pressed F1 to continue, system booted up perfectly. After I am done with the new user setup, I am going to remove the added stick down to slot three, keep the working stick on slot one, and see if system boots, and will repeate the process by putting stick in slot three and put it in slot 4.


One question i am confused about, I read online about my system and the RAM in which if i installed new ram I would have to install two of the same sticks? and when you open up the computer and see the ram stlots, You have a white slot, black slot, then a gap and another white slot and black slot. both memory sticks were in the white slot. If anyone could shed some light if i could have stick number one in white slot, and stick number two on the black slot? as that is what is working at the moment and my system isn't getting a blue screen and windows has loaded.

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I have run into a new problem. Stick one is in slot one (white slot) and stick two is in slot two (black). After the initial setup where it asks you where you live, time zone, and user information as such when you get the brand new computer, I entered all my information, and at the part where it says "system will set up (something like that) please wait one minute as to where the computer will show a blank screen. DO NOT shut off the computer at this time". I let it do that, and i came back and got a "windows message" saying "the system is not fully installed, please run setup again." should i proceed to reinstalling windows xp completely? I have the following discs which read:

-- Reinstallation cd Microsfot windows xp home edition, including service pack 2

-- Dell E176FP LCD Monitor User Documentation. Contents: -HTML user documentation, -drivers (inf, icm, and cat files)

Two drivers and utilities CD's (i'm not too sure if one is a misplaced extra i had from my old computer so please help!) They are:

-- Drivers and utilities: for reinstalling v.9x (capable)/56k data/fax modem software for microsoft windows. Contents: -Drivers, -Diagnostics and utilities, -online documentation, -modem on hold

-- Drivers and Utilities: Dell Dimension Resource CD. Contents.: -Device Drivers, -Diagnostics and Utilities, -Computer Documentation


-- Application : For Reinstalling Dell tools system software. Contents: -Antivirus software, -support software, -multimedia software, - internet software.


What would be the correct order of installing these?


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If you don’t have the E510 User Manual you can download it by clicking on Support at top of the screen & navigate as follows:

Support for Home Users click Start Here > Product Support click Manuals then select Dimension E510

Or try this link, click here


Also see Removing and Installing Parts mentioned in E510 Service Manual click here

Explains memory removing/installing & slots/pairing configuration, as you will see:


RAM module bays are numbered 1(white), 3(black), 2(white) & 4(black) where the correct matched pairing configuration is:


Channel A – 1(white) & 2(white) or Channel B – 3(black) & 4(black)    


If you are doing a Windows XP Clean Install you need the Dell OEM Windows XP SP2 CD & Dell Resource (Drivers & Utilities) CD as provided with the E510 (Dell Resource CD should indicate it’s for E510)


You can also download drivers from above mentioned Support link but probably easier to use the E510 Resource CD


Procedure for XP Clean Install is, click here

Work offline & make sure ALL peripheral devices are disconnected, includes any network connection but excludes monitor, mouse/keyboard


Very Important – when reinstalling E510 device drivers follow the correct order, click here


Once XP is installed & the device drivers, then remain working offline until sure the system is stable


The only application you should then install is Security type software

But the version of AV software CD supplied with E510 will be out-of-date & if subscription is lapsed then DO NOT use that CD

You may want to download one of the many free AV type software available (?), click here


Otherwise only go online to download & install Windows XP updates then decide on Security protection before doing any web surfing


You can install applications provided with computer any time you want, if you really want/need them?

Lots of members use Windows Clean Install rather than Dell System Restore to remove unwanted preinstalled software

You may want/need the multimedia software, not sure what it is, could be Sonic or something similar?

But most Dell preinstalled software is trial period type software so like the AV CD, it will probably be out-of-date, albeit some Dell Support applications can be updated

In short if not critical or necessary then don’t install it

E.g. Internet software, not sure what that is other than some of the ISP choice trial bundles – not needed if you already have an ISP account?


Dell diagnostics should still be available if you only formatted the C partition otherwise you can run diagnostics by booting from the Dell Resource CD (& it sound like you’ve already done that?)



Think that's about it - good luck  :emotion-21:


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I currently have RAM stick one in slot one (white) and RAM stick two in slot three (black, is right next to stick one). I have just finished reinstalling windows xp, followed an online tutorial that showed me how to delete the partition, make a new one, and reinstall windows xp. The reinstallation has just finished and i am on the desktop at the moment, but with no icons except for the recycle bin. I was going through folders to check if everything was working correctly and it was. This is my very first time ever doing this, and i'm wondering if i still have to install the discs I said above? after reinstallation was complete i put in the Dell Resource CD, and brought up a menu with MANY different options about instalilng video cards and this and that?! I am extremely confused as to what to do now! Which CD to put in and what option to choose?!


This may be the only last problem I have!

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OKay I looked on my dell account page for my specific system specifications, and brung up the drivers and download pages. I have downloaded and installed all the drivers on the computer using a flash drive from this one to the now-working one, and installed all the ones on the steps page. The computer is working perfectly now I believe, and I have just installed the internet software and i am installing the system updates from microsoft. Is there anything else i should be aware of to do before I can finally say that my problem has been fixed?

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