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Boot problem with SATA RAID addon card

Maybe someone has seen this one before... I have a dell L1000r. It's a PIII 1Ghz 512MB. I have tried everything to get this thing to boot. I have a SATA II-150 PCI RAID Addon controller card. I put the card in by it self, no drives hooked up, if the PnP BIOS do's not install every thing works fine, as soon as I hook a drive to it an the PnP Bios installs the system hangs, I mean it locks up. I have tried this with a 2 year old dell P4 system an I get the same thing

Background info: I have disconnected everything I can, just the minimum to boot the system. I have also tried NON RAID controller, the system do's not see the drive to boot off of... hints the use of the RAID card for the boot BIOS. HDDS: 2-WD 320GB SATA2 drivs

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