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Complaint: "I am not a robot" captcha

I continuously get the "I am not a robot" captcha, it will auto-reset itself to "hey, I don't know you, click boats, buses, ...". And I continuously get "An unexpected error has occurred". 

I have already logged in with my personal and private credentials - what more can I do that this stops?

I can reproduce this behaviour with two browsers, Chrome and Firefox, on Linux.

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Let me follow up on this:

The organizational setup of Dell is not helpful to report issues like the above. I do not appreciate following mindless scripted question in a user interface which is just plain horrible.

Please, whoever reads this, have mercy with the Dell Community web site can get the captcha logic, the cookie logic, or whatever logic fixed.

My patience with question like "did you reinstall your system" is at its end.

FWIW, I am not a robot.

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