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Dell Online Store Major Problem

I am a long-time Dell customer that has purchased 7 computers from the Dell Online Store over the years, but I have just about reached my limit with my recent experience. 

I have tried repeatedly over the past 3 weeks using 4 different computers, with 2 different OSs, and 3 different browsers to configure and order 2 new XPS computers from the Dell Online Store.  It has been the most frustrating e-commerce experience of my life and after having processed 1 order for $3.3K, I am questioning whether I want to continue beating myself over the head with a hammer to process the second order for $2K.

The problem is once I enter the configuration, any click I make takes several minutes to produce a response, irrespective of the system I use.  It is a problem with the Dell site, it is not a problem with my computer, browser, etc.  I have worked out a rhythm to get me through using a Chrome browser to configure while working in Firefox or another program (and yes, I have tried Internet Explorer 8 with the same result and I have tried it on another computer sitting here doing nothing else with the same result).  The last time I made it all the way through to the final click to complete the purchase before it choked and lost everything!!  Now I am trying again, but I see that it lost my login, which I didn't notice before, and which has led to loss of my cart.  The most painful wait of all is getting something into the cart, which can takes 5-7 minutes!!!

What is wrong with this site??!!  How can you possibly sell any computers this way??!!  Somehow your site manages to slide an image of a friendly-looking operator in Hyderabad across the screen, which I can't click on because everything on the screen is non-responsive during following any click I make.

Please, please, please, for your own good do something about this problem!!!!


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Re: Dell Online Store Major Problem


Sorry you are having difficulties ordering your system.  If you could please contact me privately by clicking on my name in blue, then on the next page, click on the envelope icon that says "send message", I'll be glad to see what I can do to assist.  Thanks.




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