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Dell Preferred Account services

Hi folks,

This is something completely stupid one could not expect from the DELL. I was a Dell Preferred customer, bought a laptop in 2007 on this account, fully paid in terms, but yet Dell Financial services closed my account without my knowledge. Recently tried to buy something and found out that DELL actually closes your account if you do not use in for one year. Even more, I could not believe that Dell Rep. wanted to to apply again for an account with a new credit check. Which essentially means a new hard inquiry on credit report and hence lower credit score. Please, do not fall in this preferred account trap as DFS forces you to buy something once a year even though you do not actually need it.emoticon.Devil.title

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Re: Dell Preferred Account services

Hi Garyfree,

Sorry to hear about that. This is common credit industry practice, not unique to Dell. It's your responsibility, not the lender, to maintain active credit accounts.

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Re: Dell Preferred Account services

Yeah, I know what you mean.  I had one of my credit cards cancelled by HSBC.  It was an "emergency" credit card I used only in case of emergencies, didn't charge anything for a year and they cut it off.  They said I'd have to reapply, which I did, and they sent me a new one with a highger credit limit.  Now I charge gas on it once every 6 months and pay it off within 30 days.  On my Dell Preferred Account I have to buy ink cartridges about every 8 months, so I just put them on the DPA, keeps it alive. 

Thanks for the beer... next round is on me!

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