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Dell Service in Australia is HOPELESS

My Studio 1749 arrived last Thursday.  I was annoyed that it took nearly a month to arrive when DELL advertised that it would be 9 - 14 days.

I am now VERY ANGRY.  Having waited patiently I discovered that the power cord and power adapter are not compatible.  The power cord has three pins  and the adapter socket has two pins.

I am still unable to used the laptop.

I have sent numerous messages to ANZ customer support saying that "if you are unable to provide the correct parts by cob next Thursday then I will demand a full refund and you can send you courier to pick up the computer which is currently useless".

The most recent response I got on Saturday said that my problem had been referred to technical support.    That is ridiculous.  I don't need technical support I need an AC adapter and power cord that actually work together. 

if this is typical of Dell ANZ service then they will not be enjoying my custom again anytime soon!

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