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Dell on Call

Dell on Call

I am not only disappointed, but furious about the service I've received from Dell on Call.  I purchased the service when I bought my studio XPS 1640 laptop a month ago.  I've called Dell on Call three times and each time I was sent to India and was on the phone for up to three hours.  The technicians never seemed to know what to do and I had to be put on hold numerous times while they figured out how to solve the problem.  They couldn't understand English and I couldn't understand them.  The last time I called the technician made so many mistakes on my computer that I had to go back and correct them after he hung up.  In other words, he created a mess.  I definately do not recommend ever purchasing this "help" from Dell.

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Re: Dell on Call


Sorry to hear about your problems with your laptop, and Dell tech support.

You may want to post your problem in a new thread on the laptop forum.  Please include the computer's  name, number , and the OS.

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