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Dummy automatic word replacement

I've noticed that each "s-p-a-m" (without "-") word is automatically replaced with "**bleep**".

  1. In "Subject"
  2. In forum message body
  3. In private message body.

Here's an example.

This looks like a bug. Why ban this word?


I've discovered Dell IdeaStorm, and posted this message there as well.

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Re: Dummy automatic word replacement

One more weird thing just happened. Now the "*-*-b-l-e-e-p-*-*" (without "-') disappeared as well - the title of those thread is "My post is marked and submitting abuse report is not working". (It also disappeared from the post body as well)

Hm... Maybe they've fixed the issue and decided to perform a quick-and-dirty cleanup? And now this word is allowed? Let's test this: foo, bar, **bleep**.


  1. Here's how this currently looks like in the "RICH TEXT" editor view:
  2. Here's how the upper part of this post looks like (for me), just after posting:

That is - nope, the issue is not fixed. The word "s-p-a-m" (without "-") is still being automatically replaced with "*-*-b-l-e-e-p-*-*" (without "-'). And, moreover, it looks like it could completely disappear in a while. For no obvious reason.