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HELP! Backing up iTunes - library won't copy to DVD - "copy failed - error code -69" Inspiron 1405


Any help would be greatly appreciated. I have been trying to back up my iTunes library to DVDs (about 10 will be needed).  Every time I try to do that, I get a message that the disc is "locked" and the attempted copy failed.  I have an Inspiron 1405 running Windows XP (which I just bought, used).  I transferred the library from a WD 1TB My Book, and the songs all play fine on the computer.  But, when I try to sync the IPod, it only copies between 15-20 GB (out of 75) and then I get an error message that the copying failed for an unspecified error (code 2615).

 Also, when I ran a diagnostic, it failed about 15 different memory tests (e.g. PMOV 1; Data Bus Stress TEst; March A, B, LA, SA, S, V,Y, etc.). Did I get a lemon or are these problems fixable?  As you can probably tell, I am not a techie at all, so I hope to hear that I am just failing to do some basic first step which is screwing up the process.

Thanks for any and all help.