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Hello all. New to the community, and need a bit of help.

Hello all,

I'm new to the community and am in need of a bit of help. I have a friend that had her dimension 2400 crash and we had to reformat the hard drive. She, unfortunately doesn't have the resource cd to reinstall the drivers she needs. I am trying to download the drivers on my system and after selecting "Download now" I get a pop up box that asks me to install or cancel. I don't want to install the drivers, but burn them to a CD. Any suggestions? Thanks in advance for any insight.


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Re: Hello all. New to the community, and need a bit of help.

Are you choosing the Dell Driver Download Manager, or the Internet Browser option?  It sounds like it wants to install the Download Manager.

The Download manager has caused a fair amount of grief.  Use the browser option, not the download manager, then save the Rxxxxx install package first to your desktop or wherever, then burn them to a CD later..  If you set the download manager as a default, you'll need to  clear your cookies to get the default browser option back.

Just FYI - there's a specific order to install drivers - may save you headaches later if something or other doesn't work:



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