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How do we unsubscribe from a thread?

How do we unsubscribe from a thread?  I've been looking for this option for the past hour and cannot find it.  W/ VB forums, all one has to do is click on User CP or quick links and there is a link to a user's subscribed threads where the user can unsubscribe from subscribed threads.  Can't find such a thing for these forums.

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Well, there isn't one - at least not directly.   One way is to reply again to a thread, then make sure the "email me replies to this post" right above the POST button is NOT checked.

Or, there's a more complicated method, described here:

And yes, it's a long-standing problem that everyone has complained about for over a year,  and all we can do is hope it will be corrected with the next version of this forum software.

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