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How to start a new thread

Hi Iam having a heck of a time trying to start a new thread

I click on start a discussion up comes the green screen but the form does no come up

to post my message am I missing something after nine years with the Dell forum??

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Re: How to start a new thread

it will say " start a new thread " above replies at the top of the forum.

start a new thread does not always show up depending on how you enter the forum.

it shows up when you get to a sub forum menu for some strange reason .

i am confused though, because you have started a new thread.

it took me awhile to figure it out too.

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Re: How to start a new thread

I went into new to the community and I it reply other wiseI couldn't get to post

When I hit to start a new discussion I get that green square at the top of my section but i do

 not see the start a new thread I have been on this computer all day and still can't get in to

 post a thread  I will try again but I think something is wrong somewhere, thank you for the come


Bob Moyer