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I need help with a BSOD error message STOP: 0x000000ED

I just started getting the BSOD when I try to boot. I cannot get into safe mode either. I am running some diagnostics and have come up with a couple of error messages. 0F00:075D IDE device failed and 0F00:0244 Uncorrectable data error. Any suggestions?

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Re: I need help with a BSOD error message STOP: 0x000000ED

Your hard drive has failed. You will need to get a new one. If you have information you need to get off the hard drive, you may have 2 options.


Option 1:If a laptop hard drive, buy an emclosure for it and then get the data that way. If Desktop, hook up to your computer as a slave drive.


Option2: Make a Knoppix CD and insert it into the computer and turn it on. It will boot with the CD. If you have an external burner, you can then burn the files and folders to a disk, so you can transfer them to the new hard drive after you get it installed and setup.




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