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Inspiron 530s with Vista Premium does not recognize added Ram

I've just added 1G Ram increasing from 3G to 4G, by replacing two 512M s with two 1Gs.  But the system still tells me it has 3.0 G Ram.  What do I deed to do for the system te recognize the added RAM?

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Re: Inspiron 530s with Vista Premium does not recognize added Ram

First thing is to reseat (remove and reinstall) the memory in case one of them was not fully inserted (a common problem).

Is the 4 GB of RAM recognized in the BIOS?  (F2 - Setup). 

However, with a 32 bit Operating System (XP/Vista/Win 7) it cannot fully address 4 GB of RAM and depending on the actual hardware and what hardware is using memory you will only show somewhere between 3GB and 3.5GB of memory.

If the BIOS is not recognizing all of the memory, is it the proper memory for the PC?  Dell's can be picky with memory and some brands will not work and there's no pattern.  However, Crucial is guaranteed to work in Dell's and what most of the tech's on here recommend for non-Dell memory.  HERE is the Crucial memory listing for the 530S.  Note that 1.8V memory is required and much of the current memory is 2.2V which may not work.   If it's the correct type memory and the BIOS is not recognizing all of it, reset the BIOS, with the PC powered off, open the case and remove the CR2032 BIOS battery on the motherboard for 10 minutes.  Reinstall the battery (with correct polarity) and power on the PC and check the BIOS to see if it's recognizing all of it.

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