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Installing Dell AIO Photo 944 on a domain with Live OneCare

Hello Everyone -

I hope that you can help.  I'm following the instructions for completing the network install of the Dell AIO 944 install and I'm not having much success.  It may be that my network is more complex than most.  Here is what I have:

I'm running a Small Business Server domain (Domain controller, Exchange server, etc.), a web server and 5 workstations on my home network.

The 5 workstations on the network are running the following:

  • 3 are on the domain running XP Professional  - these same 3 are also using Live OneCare for firewall, antivirus, etc.
  • 2 are not on the domain (work laptops) one is running XP Pro and the other XP Media Edition

On one of the domain workstations I connected the USB cable and went through the Dell Install for the network configuration indicating that it is a network installation and that the printer is connected to that PC - It asks me for the share name of the printer (I take the default) - I'm able to print the test page - I have noticed two things - one is that it shut down the spooler service on that PC and the printer, after a few minues, gives the error that it can't find the AIO software on the PC.

On the other 2 domain workstations, Live OneCare recognized that the printer was installed and asks if I want to install it - I select NOT to install it because I want to use the AIO features (scanning) and I try to go through the install of the drivers.  I get to the point where it asks for the name of the computer and the share name of the printer.  It waits a very long time and finally comes back with the error saying that the printer can't be found.

The irony of this is that the Live OneCare finds it and installs it correctly.  I'm able to print to it and everything. (although the duplex print properties setting isn't available on the PC's - but it is available on the host computer).  The larger issue that I run into is that when I go to use the scanner, in the network installed mode it is supposed to give me a sub-menu asking me which computer I want to send the scan to - this isn't happening.  I am assuming it's bacuse I didn't use the Dell Install program which can't seem to find the printer.

Now, the user manual is a bit confusing - it seems to contradict itself - it says that 'if your printer is attached to a network you can scan photos or documents and have them sent to any computer on the network' but when you look down later in the instructions it says that if your printer is connected locally, the scan submenu does not appear.  What is confusing is that I did the network install so I would consider it being 'attached to a network' , but it is connected locally to the computer that is hosting it via USB.  Does that mean I have to use the separate network adapter instead?  When you look at the 'Scan Mode' section of the manual it says that the submenu is only available if the printer is connected to a computer or a network adapter - so, it leads me to believe that it should work correctly.

While the install process has a checkbox to configure the firewall - is the software able to change the OneCare firewall settings?  Is that why my other workstations can't find the printer on the host computer?  Or is it a problem that I'm setting up a Peer-to-Peer connection on a domain?

Thanks in advance for the help.


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Re: Installing Dell AIO Photo 944 on a domain with Live OneCare



I seem to be fairly good at getting printers to install, but I have never used an exchange server, so bear with me as I can tell you what I have done. These are items that I can say work and since I never even setup sharing files and folders(the children don't want to share with dad), I just know some things that need done. I have installed my printer on 5 different computers and NEVER had an issue with the firewalls blocking me from printing/scanning. Do NOT use the drivers provided by Microsoft. They are the wrong drivers and/or install wrong.


At the bottom of this post, I have the basic instructions on installing this printer, connected by a usb cable. I would first try this, since you are using a host computer. Then try reading this article. Sharing a printer through a wireless network. Usually when sharing, you need identical accounts and passwords on all the computers, in order to share files and folders.


I have a 964 printer attached to a 3300 wireless print adapter and I installed the drivers manually in each computer, choose network and then selected that I'm using a wireless print server. I did notice that if I plug my laptop into the wireless router, I can still print without changing anything, even if the wireless card is turned off.


Disconnect your printer. Download and run this patch to completely remove the printer from your computer.


Restart your computer.


Download the proper drivers.


XP Drivers

Vista 32-bit Drivers

All other drivers

Install the proper drivers. You'll be prompted when to connect your printer(powered on)




Scanning using USB connection, open the Dell All-In-One Center, click on scanning and copying and scan from there.


Scanning wirelessly, use the scan buttons on the printer.


I hope this will help you,




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