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MS Outlook autodial modem

Can anyone help me? I can autodial from my Dell 6000 laptop, and hear the person speak very clearly when they pick up the phone through my head set/mic, but they cannot hear me!? When I hit 'Pick Up' it HANGS UP!? but the dialogue box maintains I am still connected!?

I have been directed to my speaker icon for Options> Properties> Playback where I should see Modem or Phone option but these are not present!? Is this the problem?

I have checked my Conexant MDC V.9x modem to see if it faulty but its not. Is it just the wrong sort of modem for voice?

I'd really like some help on this.

Many thanks

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Re: MS Outlook autodial modem

I can't say for sure, but everything I can find doing a google search suggests it is NOT a Voice/Data modem.

You may want to repost on the Laptop General Hardware section and maybe one of the Laptop specialists can give you a definitive answer.

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