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New laptop

I ordered a new Inspiron 1525 laptop on 9/12. I was told (by email) it shipped on 9/19 & est. del. date would be between 9/23-9/25. I waited & waited. Sometime around the middle of Oct. I contacted them. Of course they said it was shipped but it must have mysteriously vaporized in the mail. On the 24th of Oct. I called them again,after they did some tracking they had no idea what happened. At this point I was very ticked off to say the least,they had already gotten our $$$$$. They said they would have to build me a replacement. O.K. fine. On 11/3 it finally arrived. I have problems already. This is my first laptop (2nd) computer, I'm still fairly new to computers. Vista is really different. I have the disc for my 924 printer and I tried to load it and nit seemed to load but my laptop doesn't seem to reconize it . Ican't find it in progams and it never came up new program installed. What have if anything did I do wrong?

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Re: New laptop

In all likelihood, you'll need to find Vista drivers for your 924 printer. Good luck.

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