Order Cancellation query

Hello everyone,

I ordered a Dell Studio 14 on the 23rd of June. While booking the laptop, the customer service representative confirmed that I will positively receive my laptop by the 30th of June.

When I called up the Dell customer care on the 25th of June to check my Order Status, I was told that I would receive my laptop only by the 9th of July as there is a huge demand for Studio laptops. I then told the customer care representative that I was promised that the laptop would be delivered by the 30th of June and that is the only reason I happened to buy one. I then asked if I could cancel my order as 9th July is way too long a wait. To this, the representative gave a reference number and asked me to call back Dell the next day to check if it is possible to cancel the order.

The next day, the Dell representative who initially sold the laptop called me asking if I called anyone from Dell regarding cancellation. I then told him the story and he again reiterated that it will be delivered by 1st of July max. I agreed to his promise.

When I now goto the Order Status page of the Dell website and key in my details, my status shows as, "Order Canceled".

I want to know how this is possible when the customer care representative confirmed my delivery for the 1st of July. And is it true that my order has been canceled and if yes, then how many days would it take for the money to be credited back to my credit card and will there be any cancellation chargers?

Request you to please help me out.




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