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Problem with tuner card recogition on Dimension 8400 after PC Restore was performed

 I have recently  had to perform a PC restore on my Dimension 8400. Unfortunately, after doing this my tv tuner is not functional anymore. The main screen in the Media center no longer lists TV as an option.  When you click on settings then TV a box comes up with the message" The tuner is either malfunctioning or not installed. Please ensure that both the tuner hardware and a valid tuner hardware driver are installed." The tuner card  that is listed on my packing list is describe as follows: D6463 CRD,MM,TVT3,FH,MCE05. The card itself is labeled as a Emuzed Angel PCI Dual Tuner. I have visited the DEll driver download site using my service tag number and have downloaded/ installed all drivers related to this tuner that are listed. I have also moved the card to a different slot on the motherboard without sucess. I would appreciate any ideas or suggestions to resolve my dilemma.

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