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(Redirected) Dell XPS 8700 power button not working

I've been having problems with my Dell XPS 8700 power button starting to fail.  I'm pretty sure it's a faulty switch because if I press really hard and wiggle it, it will eventually power on.  Anyway, after spending 5 days on this I'm pretty sure I finally have the correct part number: 0F7M7N.  I'm very disappointed in Dell.  They have not been helpful at all.  They even gave me the wrong part number and wanted me to buy it via chat...sight unseen.  Thank goodness I read someone else's post who was also given the wrong part number and didn't order.  Anyway, here are my questions:

1. Is 0F7M7N indeed the correct part number for a replacement power button module for an XPS 8700?  (I see it listed as the replacement part for an 8300.)

2. How do a get this part?  It seems to be out of stock everywhere with no indication of when I might be able to get it.

3. This seems like it should be a known issue.  One post even said to replace the front bezel and button.  Is this problem, that so many people seem to be having, fixed by replacing the power button module or the front bezel and button?


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Re: Dell XPS 8700 power button not working

Hi cjc7,

Please repost this in the XPS forum for help.



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