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Replacing inspiron 531 Vista OS with XP Pro


Regarding the subject, I need a detailed procedure to perform the subject OS switch. I also need advice on obtaining and installing the required XP Drivers.

The reason I want to do this is I want to install AutoCad 2007, on to my Inspiron 531, and It just does not load.










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Re: Replacing inspiron 531 Vista OS with XP Pro

The basic install sequence (including reformatting the hard drive) is (1) Install windows (2) Install (motherboard) chipset drivers (3) Install device drivers including sound, video, etc.  DO NOT skip the chipset drivers, as the chipset drivers define what is on or attached to the motherboard. 

You will need Windows XP specific drivers for the hardware.  HERE is the Dell downloads for XP

I checked the Autocad site and according to them it does work with Vista. 

Here is what they have on their web site:

"Service Pack 2 for AutoCAD 2007 and AutoCAD LT 2007 adds support for Windows Vista 32-bit versions for these releases. To download Service Pack 2, use one of the following links depending on your product:"

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