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Reply Stuck in Moderation/Rejection

I've got a reply stuck in Moderation/Rejected.

I composed it earlier today, around 12:18 pm, and clicked Post.  The screen said that it would appear once moderated.  I clicked on the link that took me to my posts that are waiting to appear, there are none.  If I go one step further, to Rejected, there's my post.  I click edit, write "Thanks", just to complete an edit, and click Post, and I get a screen that says it will be posted once moderated.  That was four hours ago.

Now, I get a message that it was considered Spam.  No, it wasn't.  How do I get this posted? I think I need a moderator, because I'm going in circles, or a moderator to view it to see it isn't Spam.



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Re: Reply Stuck in Moderation/Rejection

Your reply here at 11-12-2018 02:18 PM, is an identical post to the one on the moderated board? Are you sure that it did not double post?