[SOLVED] DELL Studio 1430 working (on battery) but not charging!

Hi everyone,


I've decided to post his here in case this could be of help to anyone who suffered the same problem I faced exactly 7days ago.


About 10days ago, my DELL Studio 14 laptop that has been quite rugged and functional for about 20months suddenly started to stop charging at intervals. Whenever I seem to shake the cord or something, it resumes charging until 3 days after when 'SHAKING' the adopter plug (that enters the laptop) didn't do the trick again.

I kept `googling´ about such instance on DELL Studios but none seems similar--thus warranting something drastic. As an Electrical Engineer, I ripped it open for the first time one day after when nothing logical [basic troubleshooting (swapping charger with friends, battery test etc suggest across forums)] seem to work.


I rang DELL Customer care up and they were diligent to explain to me how much I have out-shot my warranty period. Well, I depend a lot on this system, though it cost barely more than $850 equiv when I bought it, Warranty renewal was tagged at $300 equiv for 'Standard Package'. Certainly that wasn't where I wanted to spend $300 now.

After much thinking and frustrations, reading through posts Online, I took my chances with local technicians at the major computer mall around.

He promised to fix it within 1 hour for about $50. Skeptically & reluctantly I accepted that he gave it a shot.


I returned 1 hour as agreed and low and behold, my laptop was glowing brighter again--charging problem fixed. I shuck the cable, then he explain "...the fault is not with the charger but with an `IC´ within the laptop." In a hast, I rushed home, opened it up to confirm it was a 'CHIP' problem and not BIOS issue.

Though, I fulfilled my quest to know the technician fixed my laptop by 'replacing' something, I was however appalled by his quality of work. He ran the cables through paths that seemed most convenient to him without care if any crinkled! The screws? He used as many as he could lay hands on, and the ones he never knew where they belonged he just 'left them on his table'. He could have handed them to me and I'll re-screw 'em perfectly. 

Well, at least the system works; and right now, I'm posting this via my 3days old working laptop.




Image attached for anyone's reference--In case you plan on 'self-changing' the chip. 

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