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Service Tag Missing


I have a two year old dell laptop with a missing service tag that recently crashed.  Two days prior to the crash I had requested technical support for a different problem, being able to retrieve the tag from the computer.  I received technical assistance promptly, but the computer had already crashed, so fixing the keyboard really didn't help.  I have a full warranty but I am unable to view it because I can't access my service tag now, I do however have the all the service numbers relating to the keyboard problem and a log of the conversation I had with a dell representative about that problem.  Don't ask me why I saw fit to record these and not my service tag.  Anyways, I was wondering if I should just buy a new computer and smash my current one with a sledge hammer.  Any suggestions would be much appreciated,



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Re: Service Tag Missing

Hi James, Your service tag may well be under the battery, dell has been known to put it there. Also you can get your service tag by pressing F2, and going into your BIOS. If you have Dell support Center installed, it's also in there.


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