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Was that really worth that money?

I bought the XPS M1530 on 2008 when I first came to US. In last two years, I had issues with my hard disk, optical drive, key board, hinge cover, monitor frame and now with my processor (currently, writing this email from the imac of my office). I bought this laptop because I needed strong computation power to run software like Comsol, Cadence, Matlab etc. Fortunately, I did not have to run into the problem that some other people had in the forum with tech support but I paid around 1500$ for a computer and NOT for after sales service and/or replacement. Good thing is, I still have warranty for one more year but am now really worried what will happen after that. The battery is, However, already out of warranty and my back up time has shrunken down to only half an hour now although I have taken every possible measure to lengthen its lifetime like not using the battery if it is not an absolute necessity, unhook the power cable as soon as I turn off the computer etc.

Just wanted to share my bitter experience in this forum. When I look back, I regret that being a grad student, I should not have spent so much for this kind of computer. Am seriously thinking about getting a new one later this year but is not going to be a Dell for sure.

Did any one else had a similar situation?

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Re: Was that really worth that money?

Dear sumitbd,

I'm sorry you've had so much trouble.  I bought my first Dell in 2003, and loved it so much I just replaced it with another Dell.  I also purchased a Dell laptop.  My sister suggested I buy that first one in 2003 because she enjoyed hers.  However, I do know that the experience a person has with their computer depends on several factors including the model they get and their computer experience.  I love them for what all they can do for me, be it saving me from writing, making a spreadsheet, etc.  One thing I have found very helpful over the years is to utilize forums like this.  Most computer manufacturers and some software companies have forums.  I have had much better luck with forums than with tech support.  Most of them have a combination of regular computer users and those who work with computers for a living (i.e.: computer technicians). 


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