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What a mess!

I used to turn to the Dell community forums for help. I haven't needed to do so for a while, and now I have I'm horrified at what I find. Too much information on the screen, for a start - can't see the wood for the trees.

But down to the main point - searching. I have used the driver support page for my Inspiron 9400 and find there are "no video drivers"! Well that's obviously ridiculous, so let's find out how other users have tackled this. Go to forum - now, search the laptop forum or the video forum. Erm, how? No search option that I can see, apart from one big box above all the forum/sub-forum area. Try the big box then. "inspiron 9400 video driver" - 2,500 hits, a total waste of time. I want to target the specific forum. Where's the FAQ on searching? None, but we get a fancy named Wiki, which uses big subject headings rather than lots of useful terms, and doesn't cover searching.

So, google groups search is broken, and this forum is no use - I refuse to misuse a forum and post a question that may have been answered before; it's a basic rule of forum etiquette - search before you ask. The internet is falling away from being a useful research tool and becoming a toy for children to play with and people to buy stuff without leaving home. Social networking and shopping seem to be all that matters now.


Of course, I may just be being thick and can't see what's in front of my eyes. I'd be happy for someone to point that out to me!!


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Re: What a mess!

Did you try goint to Drivers and Downloads and entering your service tag number. The drivers you need should appear there.


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Re: What a mess!

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I am just tired of getting this message when I type a reply to a post.

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