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Why Join the Dell Community Forum?

This forum is designed to provide DellEMC product owners and users with a valuable resource providing solutions to common problems and help with troubleshooting through contributions from others.


There are a few different types of users responding on the forums. First, there are the Dell Rockstars and TechExperts - an invaluable group empowered to assist others on the community in solving technical issues, glean product ideas, and help customers get the most from their DellEMC products and services. These superusers know Dell products nearly as well as well do and often have been kindly helping others on this forum for many years. They are easy to recognize by their boldened usernames on various Leaderboards.


You will also find Dell Social media teams around the world responding to in-warranty posts, provided you provide your service tag when it's requested by our DellCARES Virtual Agent. And then of course there are users like yourself, whom have perhaps come across a technical issue and have posted it for a response or perhaps have a solution to post after having Eureeka'd it. 


The forums are monitored to ensure quality participation, verified questions and solutions, and of course, product expertise to ensure a streamlined experience for all users and contributor groups. We welcome you to post your question, reply or solution on the corresponding board for your product. Please do not post private information such as your name, address or service tag number; this information will be collected from you later by our Virtual Agent. 


You should know that if your post includes an image, that image will need to be viewed by human eyes before making it to the forum should you choose to post publicly. Additionally, should your post include a service tag number or similar text, you post may be routed for human moderation before becoming public. Not to worry, we are actively monitoring these forums and your posts will be reviewed quickly. 


Community members earn badges and points based on contributions to the community with particular emphasis on rewarding the best solutions provided customers (a great way to become a Rockstar or TechExpert and be allowed to Beta test our products, get invited to exclusive events and listen in on Dell Community calls). The second is to apply directly with your certifications or qualifications. You can learn more about the program and apply by starting here.

We hope you enjoy your experience on the DellEMC Community and thank you for stopping by. 

DELL-Rosie H
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