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Community Manager

Why did my post or reply get marked as spam?

The health of our community is of vital importance to us. We welcome all to post and respond here as we believe that is what makes a community vibrant. As such, Dell-EMC engage leading spam identification software, which can sometimes lead to stringent controls in order to make sure nothing that shouldn't be here makes it's way in. 

Here are some triggers which may cause your posts to be incorrectly quarantined: 

* You tried to post the same message on multiple boards or threads

* You made a series of edits to the post in quick succession triggering the AI

* You included pictures which have to first be approved by Dell-EMC

* You included hyperlinks which have to first be approved by Dell-EMC

We apologize if you experience such issues and advise you to log off, and log back in after opening a new browser window to do so; then attempting your action(s) again. Thank you for understanding and enjoy the Community!

DELL-Rosie H
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Community Manager