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Why the Confusing Service Tag Request from @DELL-Cares?

The auto PM is just spam, but the sketchy nature of it makes it seem like a potentially malicious scam?

Why does it ask for private info that shouldn't be shared in a post?

I know it's an automated PM, but why send one that requests info at all if you've disabled a way to reply?  Why not just send a welcome to the community PM that no one would expect to reply to?

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Re: Why the Confusing Service Tag Request from @DELL-Cares?

The bot is asking for the private service tag number to be sent back to us in a private message. It is not asking users to share that private data in a public post.

Dell needs the service tag number to ascertain if the purchased warranty is still current. If yes, then the issue is routed to an agent to work. If out of warranty, the bot will then reply saying that a fellow community member will be assisting.


How have we disabled a way for you to reply to the bot with the service tag number? When logged into the Forum, you see the private message envelope. You open it and reply.


By the way, I also sent you a private message with a link to your specific Latitude E6430 service tag page. On that page, click, "View system configuration". That page also shows when it shipped from Dell and when the 3 year warranty expired.