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XPS M1530 - lots of problems and no customer support

I got my new XPS M1530 3 weeks ago.  Have had LOTS of problems with the computer and have spent hours and hours on the phone being transferred  in circles from one support person to the next.  If you have any of these issues with your new XPS 1530, you are not alone.


I was getting error messages when I booted up and my wireless card would intermittently "disappear" from my computer.  After many hours of troubleshooting "chats", phone calls, and a blown-off scheduled call, Dell replaced the motherboard and bios chip and the power adapter.


My TV tuner card was defective.  Dell replaced it.


My computer crashed and I lost all of my hard drive data.  Fortunately (or so I thought) I had backed everything up on Dell Data Safe.  But now I can't get my files back from Dell Data Safe.  I've had Dell working on this for a week.  I've chatted, talked, and troubleshooted with 6-7 techs about it.  Twice now techs (actually one tech and one "specialist") have blown off scheduled call-backs.  One tech told me that Dell Data Safe is actually run by a 3rd party, not Dell, and that Dell has had lots of issues with them.  The tech assures me that there are a lot of people at Dell working on the problem, but don't know when or if there will be a resolution.   A couple of techs have told me it's a problem with Dell Data Safe's server and they're not sure if my data still exists.  I'm supposed to keep calling Dell for progress reports.


My new Dell 968 printer arrived with a big gouge in the side.   Dell replaced it.


My blu-ray drive stopped working.  Dell decided to replace the whole laptop for me.


Here I sit with my new replacement laptop.  The "order details" list (ie, parts list) for the original computer is 1-1/2 pages long.  The list for the new computer is only 1 page long.  I started looking through the lists side by side.   My "replacement" computer is missing some hardware.  I called Dell this evening and went through the list with a very nice and understanding tech, who was only able to get about 2 minutes of his "specialist's" time.  The specialist told him that Dell would have to send out someone to take apart the new computer, replace the LCD screen with an LED screen (like it's supposed to have), install the wireless card that's missing, and install bluetooth like it's supposed to have.  The "specialist" said that the LoJack that I had on the original computer but not on this computer is "just software" so nothing needs to be done about that.  (Could that be right?  Doesn't the device tha LoJack is tracking need to be sending a signal of some kind in order to be tracked?  If the "specialist" is right I'd at least like a minute of his time to discuss it.)  There were some other items missing from my device manager list that the "specialist" didn't address. 


My tech was obviously frustrated with his specialist and tried to get the attention of another "specialist."  The tech got back on the phone with me, told me he had struck out, and that probably the only person at Dell who would really be able to help me sort this out was the individual who actually placed the order for the exchange the week before.  (It had taken conversations with 7 people to get to him that day and with at least 6 people the day before that.)  I called back and left a voicemail for that team and am now waiting for a call back.


So, here I sit with 2 new XPS M 1530's - one that doesn't work and another that I didn't order.  I'm waiting for a call back (and hoping that I don't get blown off again) from supposedly the one tech at Dell who can sort this out. 


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Re: Dell, please deliver on my order or take all of this stuff back



Called Dell specialist twice yesterday and today and left messages.  Her voicemail says she's there.  No returned call.


Called Customer Care.  Explained that yesterday tech support told me the only way to get the RIGHT computer was to talk with the specialist who ordered it for me.  But she's not calling me back.  Customer care offered to SELL me a new warranty (on a brand new computer with warranties) that would allow me to speak with the same tech team....in the US!.... each time I call.  I declined.   I shouldn't have to pay to talk with someone about returning the wrong computer build and getting the computer build that I ordered and paid for, right? 


Back to tech support.  Spoke with a tech who pointed out to me that although I didn't have all of the hardware I ordered I did have the IMPORTANT hardware, e.g., a battery and  the intel dual processor.  (Honestly she said that!!!)  I told her that I don't have the following (which I paid for):  LED screen, bluetooth, a wireless card, LoJack, Dell Data Safe (for what it's worth), a keyboard device, lots of software and more. 


Finally got through to the "specialist" who manages the tech I just spoke with.  She tells me that because Dell orders in bulk it might not be possible to get the exact computer that I ordered.  She said that she could place the order, but the computer that I would receive could be different.  Some parts would be the same, some might be upgraded, and some might be downgraded.  Dell might have all of the right parts, but their business model doesn't support looking in specific warehouses for specific parts.  Lordy.  So, back to customer care?


Spent the next 45 minutes on the phone with a customer care manager, arranging to send EVERYTHING back.  Dell is taking back the printer, BOTH laptops, the TV tuner card, the wireless USB hub etc etc.


So, finally, RESOLUTION.  On Tuesday DHL and UPS will come and take the 6 boxes that I am to pack up and return them to Dell for a full refund.


Dell, I've never ever bought a computer from anyone else.  Before now.  Thanks for taking everything back at least.  But I am SO disappointed.  I hope that someone there pays attention.  This is why Dell is losing market share, Michael Dell. 

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