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it seems that i have a limit of 0 private messages???

I beg you, Robert, to help me please. I wrote a private message to DCFA admin earlier this month, and received reply. I acted on the reply , which instructed me to send email from the email account associated the Dell community account that I wanted to change. I did this. Nothing happened, so I wrote a second time. After a week with no reply, I logged on the the community account to send you a private message , in an effort to get the process unstuck. When I pressed 'send" on that message, I was informed that the message had contained some invalid HTML, which had been removed, and that I should press "send" again when I was satisfied with the message. I could complain that there was no indication of what HTML had in fact been removed, so I could not really determine if there was a problem. I could, but I won't, because the more serious problem is that when I pressed "send" the second time, I received the following error message: You have reached the limit for number of private messages that you can send for now. Please try again later. This is quite infuriating: first of all, i hadn't sent ANY messages, because of errors were no longer possible for me to verify; and second, more importantly, I was now unable to use that communication channel in effort to fix was proken in the original method of sending email. WHAT CAN I DO TO get DELL READ AND ACT ON THE ORIGNIAL EMAIL. SHOULD I POST THAT ORIGINAL EMAIL TO YOU here in a a new discussion thread of a public forum? please hep thank you
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Re: it seems that i have a limit of 0 private messages???

Admin Note:  Working with customer via private message to resolve.