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i am ravigeet, i went for an intrview for technical support on 8th july but as i am mba (H.R.), the girls who were taking my intrview - venus and pooja told me that as i am Mba (hr) there is no job for me here in dell and plus i should try and go for consultancies . i told them i am a frsher and i want a good job with good salary .i am more intrsted in working with dell and plusDell recruits freshers and that i can go for idp or igp's sombdy told me about this which can help me in mi career growth .

but these two ladies told me for igps or idp's , you will have to wait for 6 years minimum. whereas one of my known working here in dell informed that for igp's or idp's (i am not sure wther its idp or igp), you are elligible within 3-4 years .and the ladies assured me that when there is any vaccancy for customer executive , we will call you. but till now i have not received any communication from them.

so my question is why are the dell hr  chandigarh lying or misleading others or future prospects?(by telling you wont be able to make it to igp's nad the time requred is too long .minimum of 6 years)

because i have done mba hr . was i a threat to them ?

by doing and saying all this they are spoiling dell's image.


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