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Let me explain my current transaction. I was approved for $2000.00 of dell credit. I go ahead and start to use it,  and was 50 dollars over. So I just put the 50 dollars on another card. I get emails that say the order willbe cancelled and need another payment form. After having my wife call the numbers they listed, we got cut off every time (5 times total) and the person on the other end did not even speak good english. I am severely hearing impaired, so telephones are out for me. I try the chat and lo and behold it does  not work on any machine that I tried. this is now going on for 3 hours. I go back to the website, reorder, everything said and done. Now I am waiting for the next nightmare to appear. This ought to be good. Dell in no way caters to the hearing impaired community, and even if I could hear, the thick accents on the other end a regular american would habe a hard time understanding them. It is truly amazing that this day and age, a computer manufacturer cannot kkep up with the times and make things good for the customer. the people from overseas they have working fo rthem are not friendly and cannot stay connected. Shame on dell.  I am a good customer, and they make it extra difficult for you to use thier deals, coupons, etc. I have spent 6000 dollars in the last 6 months here and what do I get? they would be better off setting up an obstacle course on the edge of the grand canyon that you would have to complete is record time in order to get simple questions answered.