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rebooting dell demension 2400

I have a problem. My daughter reset the password on my administrator account. she forgot the password. I can't access anything to reset the password. How do i reboot my computer back to the manufactor setting? I have been trying for almost a week now to solve this problem, but have had no luck. Please help me. I will take any and all suggestions. I tried to cut my computer off and press f11 and f12 the boot menu comes up, but the only thing that says anything about boot is option 8. when i click on option 8 nothing happens. It just takes me back to my windows xp log in screen and shows the log in to administrator accout, but i cant do so, because I don't know the password. What should I do?

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cheryl c78

See if THIS can help, or you could try using the 'Clearing Forgotten Passwords' jumper on the motherboard HERE



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